ISCI is a cross-disciplinary research centre working to further our understanding of state crime: organisational deviance violating human rights

Editorial Board

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Editors in Chief

Prof Penny Green (Queen Mary University of London)

Prof Tony Ward (Northumbria University)

Prof Kristian Lasslett (University of Ulster)

Dr Thomas MacManus (Queen Mary University of London)


Assistant Editor

Sophie Knowles-Mofford (Queen Mary University of London)



Dr Michael Grewcock (University New South Wales)

Prof Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Dr Vincenzo Bollettino (Harvard University)

Prof Scott Poynting (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Prof Jude McCulloch (Monash University)

Prof Sharon Pickering (Monash University)

Dr Elizabeth Stanley (Victoria University)

Prof Bill Rolston (University of Ulster)

Prof Frank Pearce (Queen’s University)

Prof Ron Kramer (Western Michigan University)

Prof Ray Michalowski (Northern Arizona University)

Prof Martha K. Huggins (Tulane University)

Prof Hilal Elver (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Dr Victoria Mason (Australian National University)

Prof Jeremy Keenan (SOAS, University of London)

Shaazka Beyerle (John Hopkins University)

Prof Elisabeth Saatjian Weber (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Dr Hazel Cameron (University of St Andrews)

Prof Jennifer Leaning (Harvard University)

Prof David Whyte (University of Liverpool)

Prof Steve Tombs (The Open University)

Prof Jennifer Schirmer (University of Oslo)

Prof David Kauzlarich (Southern Illinois University)

Dr Cathy Gormley Heenan (University of Ulster)

Dr Sam Raphael (University of Westminster )