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Sophie Knowles-Mofford


Sophie has a First Class BA (Hons.) in English Literature from Queen Mary University of London, and is completing an MSc in the Anthropology of Politics, Violence and Crime at University College London. Her research interests include: state-corporate crime, corruption, reputation laundering, nation branding, state crime, genocide, capital punishment, combat proven technology, the circulation of rumours in counterinsurgent and counterterror wars, voice and narrative in violent aftermaths, and contemporary European philosophy (subjectivity, dialectics, plasticity and narrative). She has been the Assistant Editor of State Crime Journal since 2018. She currently also works as a researcher for Prof Lasslett’s UzInvestigates, analysing the processes by which different actors are reputation laundering Uzbek President Mirziyoyev’s authoritarian regime, and the ruling elite of kleptocrats that uphold it, with the language of global neoliberal capitalism. She has previously worked with Prof Lasslett on a number of projects for Papua New Guinea Investigates (PNGi), including co-authoring a report on a shady deal done by the PNG Minister for Finance in 1992, and conducting due diligence on the companies that form the mining industry in Papua New Guinea. Sophie has also previously worked on an International State Crime Initiative project, gathering information on the genocide perpetrated against the Uyghur by the Chinese state. Sophie started working with ISCI as an Intern in 2018. Prior to this, she had spent five years as a care worker for adults and children with disabilities.