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Hilal Elver

Visiting Fellows

Hilal Elver was the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food (2014-2020) and is a Research Professor and Co-Director of the Project of Global Climate Change, Human Security and Democracy, housed at the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies at UCSB. Hilal previously taught at the University of Ankara Faculty of Law and was appointed by the Turkish government as the founding legal advisor of the Ministry of Environment. She was also appointed by the United Nations Environment Program at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies in Malta as the UNEP Chair in Environmental Diplomacy. Hilal’s publications have focused mainly on international environmental law and international human rights law. She published a book titled The Headscarf Controversy: Secularism and Freedom of Religion (Oxford University Press, 2012). She also co-edited a book with Paul Wapner entitled Reimagining Climate Change (Routledge, 2016).