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Steve Tombs

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Steve Tombs is Professor of Criminology at the Open University. He has a long-standing interest in the incidence, nature and regulation of corporate crime. His publications include Regulatory Surrender: death, injury and the non-enforcement of law (Institute of Employment Rights, 2010) A Crisis of Enforcement: the decriminalisation of death and injury at work (Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, 2008) and Safety Crimes (Willan, 2007), all co-authored with Dave Whyte, as well as Corporate Crime (Longman, 1999), with Gary Slapper, Toxic Capitalism (Ashgate, 1998, Canadian Scholars’ Press, 1999), with Frank Pearce, and People in Organisations (Blackwell, 1996). He co-edited State, Power, Crime (Sage, 2009), Beyond Criminology? (Pluto Press, 2004), Criminal Obsessions (Crime and Society Foundation, 2005, 2008), Unmasking the Crimes of the Powerful: scrutinising states and corporations (Peter Lang, 2003) and Risk, Management and Society (Kluwer-Nijhoff, 2000). He works closely with the Hazards movement in the UK, and is a Trustee and Board member of Inquest.


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