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Preface: Israel Genocide of the Palestinian People

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State Crime Journal Special Issue on Abolitionism, Settler Colonialism and State Crime 

by Penny Green

Just two months after this special issue was finalized Israel launched its catastrophic, genocidal assault on Gaza. We have, for the first time in history watched the carnage, on an apocalyptic scale, play out in real time—we have witnessed the killing of 20,000 Palestinians, the vast majority women and children with many thousands more under the rubble; we have watched the carpet bombing of the Gaza Strip with over 40,000 tonnes of explosives; the destruction of over 100,000 homes and the displacement of 1.7 million Gazans. We have followed trauma-laden marches of the displaced to the dangerous south. In front of the world’s eyes, hundreds of medics have been slaughtered, at least 22 of Gaza’s 36 hospitals destroyed and the Gazan healthcare infrastructure collapsed. We have witnessed Israel’s targeting of the truth-tellers, media personnel and intellectuals—76 journalists killed; two Gazan universities destroyed and their presidents killed; countless thousands injured and permanently disabled; a whole population traumatized beyond comprehension. All this with Western complicity, complicity which extends to direct military aid and unequivocal ideological support for Israel’s genocidal Zionist project. As this timely and crucially important volume demonstrates Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians is bound both to the logic of settler colonialism and to the necessity of its abolition. Genocide unfolds over years and frequently decades … (read more).

State Crime Journal Special Issue on Abolitionism, Settler Colonialism and State Crime