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Newton Advanced Research Fellowship Award 2015

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The International State Crime Initiative is delighted to announce Dr Mehment Kurt in collaboration with Professor Penny green has been awarded a Newton Advanced Research Fellowship Award of over £70,000.

The research project entitled ‘Islamist Radicalisation, Civil Society and the State in Southeastern Turkey’ will be undertaken over a two year period at Queen Mary University of London and Bingol University, Turkey.

Penny Green highlighted the importance of the research: ‘Mehmet’s research will provide a much needed corrective to our understanding of the relationship between state, civil society and organised religious violence, a field currently dominated by unhelpful hegemonic categorizations of ‘Islamic radicalization’ and terrorism which exclude from the frame the role of states in the commission and construction of terror.’

Dr Mehmet Kurt discussed the necessity of this research collaboration stating ‘I feel very pleased by winning the award. The project I will be working on is a very under-researched topic, despite its growing importance and effect. ISCI is the best place to pursue my project because of its well-deserved prestige in the field of state related crimes. Moreover, I am sure my research will benefit from the opportunities and scholarship of ISCI and Queen Mary University of London. Of course, the biggest credit should be given to Prof. Penny Green because of her great support to this project.’