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Elliott Goat

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Elliott Goat is a British-based journalist focusing on voter fraud, digital democracy, human rights and the future of work. Winner of the Wyn Harness Journalist Award he has written for multiple news outlets including The Independent, openDemocracy, iNews, The Week, NPR, Adbusters and El Pais. In the UK he has investigated the illegal human hair trade and prison deaths in custody, while internationally he has reported on the migrant crisis, the rise of the far-right in the US, blood money on death row in Pakistan and voter fraud within EU member states. He has spoken at South by SouthWest (SXSW) on how radical political movements brand themselves and in 2016 co-founded Undivided, a nationwide bipartisan youth-led campaign set up in the wake of the EU referendum to secure the best possible Brexit deal for young people.

He is currently director of election watchdog NGO Unhack Democracy, an advisory board member of social action social network We Make Change and a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow.

Follow Elliott on twitter @afraidofnogoats

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