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Zuhalhan Kızıltuğ


After graduated from Ankara University Law Faculty, Zuhal moved to the United Kingdom and completed her Master’s degree in Public International Law at Queen Mary University of London. Her particular interest during her LLM was in state crime and international criminal law. Zuhal wrote her dissertation as ‘Forced Marriage under International Criminal Law and its correlation with Genocide’ under the supervision of Prof Phoebe Okowa.

In 2019, Zuhal joined the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) to gain practical state crime studies experience. She is involved in ‘China’s Persecution of the Uighur’ research project and conducted a podcast interview with Ms Zumretay Arkin, Advocacy Manager of World Uyghur Congress, about the stages of the genocide in China. She took part in ‘Covid-19 and State Crime’ project concerning human rights abuse worldwide during the Covid-19 pandemic, with an article about Haiti. Zuhal is been part of the social media team at ISCI.