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Victoria Sentas

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Dr Sentas joined the School of Law, Kings College London in 2009 as Newton Postdoctoral Fellow to conduct research on the impacts of terrorist organization laws on migrant diasporas. Vicki researches counter-terrorism law and policing, with a specific focus on race and ethnicity. Her postdoctoral fellowship considers the relationship between laws banning terrorist organizations and the political formations of identity and self-determination. The project is an ethnographic comparison of the effects of terrorist organization laws on Tamil and Kurdish diasporas in the United Kingdom and Australia. Her research interests span critical theory, criminal justice, migration and multiculturalism.Vicki graduated with a Bachelor of Arts-Law from James Cook University, Australia and gained her Doctor of Philosophy in 2009 from the School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University. In 2010 she was awarded a commendation of excellence by the Faculty of Arts for her thesis entitled Traces of Terror: Counter-Terrorism Law and Policing in Australia. Vicki has previously worked in the community legal sector as a lawyer and educator.

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