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Sam Raphael

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Dr Sam Raphael is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Kingston University, London. His research focuses on the human rights impact of US covert programmes in the ‘War on Terror’, including rendition, secret detention, torture, targeted killings and counterinsurgency training. He is Co-Director of The Rendition Project, an ESRC-funded project which investigates the globalisation of rendition and secret detention since 2001. He has also published on the topics of Colombian state terror, and on US energy security, global oil supplies and human rights. He is interested in supervising PhD students in the fields of US Foreign Policy, Critical Terrorism Studies, State Violence, Human Rights, and the Arms Trade.

He is co-author, with Dr Doug Stokes, of Global Energy Security and American Hegemony (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010), and has published in various edited volumes and academic journals.

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