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Melanie McFadyean

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Melanie McFadyean is a freelance journalist and part time lecturer in journalism at City University, London. She has written or co-authored four books: Where only The Rivers Run Free:Northern Ireland the Women’s War, Pluto 1984, Thatcher’s Reign:A Bad Case of the Blues, Chatto 1994, Hotel Romantika and other stories, Virago, 1986, Drugswise, Icon, 1995. She worked at The Guardian 1986-91 and has since been freelance, contributing to The Guardian, Weekend, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, the Telegraph, Independent on Sunday Review, The Observer, Observer Magazine, Sunday Times Magazine, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Daily Telegraph, Telegraph Magazine, The Express, The Daily Mirror, New Society, New Statesman, Company, Just Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Marie-Claire, Elle, London Review of Books, Granta. She has worked on two Radio 4 programmes, several TV documentaries and did research on the PFI process for the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust in relation to consultation procedures in local PFI projects, published as three reports in April 2002. She won an Amensty International media award in 2001. She has specialised in writing about asylum and immigration and generally concentrates on human rights issues.

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