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Mark McGovern

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Mark McGovern is Professor of Sociology and Co-ordinator of the Power, Conflict and Justice Research Group at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk. His main areas of research are concerned with human rights, state violence and transitional justice, particularly in Northern Ireland. His work has focussed on community approaches to truth recovery and state collusion in political violence. He has also conducted research on comparing the impact of counter-insurgency policy and law on Irish communities and Muslims in Britain. His publications include Ardoyne: The Untold Truth (Beyond the Pale Publications, 2002), the report Countering Terror or Counter-Productive: Comparing Irish and British Muslim Experiences of Counter-insurgency Law and Policy (2010) and articles in Sociology, Terrorism and Political Violence, Law and Society, International Journal of Transitional Justice, Capital and Class and Studies in Social Justice.

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