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Becca Franssen


Becca is a current PhD student at Kings College London. After completing her undergraduate (BA Hons) in International Conflict Resolution and Medieval History in 2004 at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada, Becca moved to the UK to undertake her LLM International Law at the University of Westminster. Becca graduated in 2006 with distinction. Her masters thesis, titled Diamonds are a Warlords Best Friend: State-Corporate Crime, Economic Violence and International Corruption in Sierra Leone, investigated occurrences of state-corporate crime and economic violence in the Sierra Leone diamond trade. It was this work that led Becca to her current research. Beccas PhD thesis, titled: Peace and Unquiet: Post-conflict Justice in Sierra Leone looks at international and domestic peacebuilding initiatives in Sierra Leone and aims to understand different forms of justice, if and how these separate and how they may be reintegrated.

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