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Amelia Smith

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Amelia Smith is a London-based journalist. As Staff Writer for Middle East Monitor she has investigated the human, political and environmental consequences of Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam, land displacement in Palestine and the treatment of hunger strikers in Middle Eastern prisons. She also writes regularly on Middle Eastern art and culture.

While Amelia’s particular engagement is to illuminate political issues through the stories of those not normally heard, she has also interviewed leading figures such as Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone, former Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs and one of the chief architects of the Oslo Accords Thorvold Stoltenberg, Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri, Palestinian Director Annemarie Jacir and Lord David Steel.

Her work has appeared in The Guardian, New Statesman, and she has filmed reports for the BBC’s Politics Show. She has also lived and worked in Cairo as a journalist.

Follow Amelia on Twitter @amyinthedesert

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