ISCI is a cross-disciplinary research centre working to further our understanding of state crime: organisational deviance violating human rights

Methodology Workshop

ISCI Research Methods Workshop April 2011

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the innovative ways in which people who research state crime conduct their business. It provided an opportunity to talk about the peculiar difficulties and successes of securing access; negotiating translators and government minders; researcher uses of deception; the relationship between method and theory; and ethnographic experiences.

Introduction and workshop themes overview – Professor Penny Green (School of Law, Kings College London), ISCI Director

Papers and speakers: Victims and Opponents: Stealing Fire from the Gods: Researching the Bougainville War – Dr Kristian Lasslett (University of Ulster), ISCI Fellow NGOs and Justice – Thomas MacManus (Kings College London) & Becca Franssen (Kings College London) Organised Economic Crime: Researching the Worlds of State-Corporate Elites – Dr David Whyte (University of Liverpool) Public Criminology, Victim Agency and Researching State Crime – Dr Michael Grewcock (University of New South Wales) Closing remarks – Dr Tony Ward (School of Law, University of Hull), ISCI Director