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[2015/16 SEMINAR SERIES] Activating Structural Justice: the Minutes of Evidence Project


ISCI was delighted to host a talk with Dr. Jennifer Balint. Jennifer is a visiting ISCI scholar who has published extensively in the areas of socio-legal studies, state crime, genocide and the law’s relationship to transitional justice and reconciliation.

The title of Jennifer’s talk is: Activating Structural Justice: The Minutes of Evidence Project

In this talk, Jennifer discussed the Minutes of Evidence Project, a collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous researchers, education experts, performance artists, community members and government and community organizations to promote new modes of publicly engaging with historical and structural injustice. Jennifer explores how theatre, education and research are harnessed to create ‘meeting points’ to consider Australia’s past, present and future – to spark conversations about structural justice. The project considers the way in which law is used as a tool of resistance to assert claims – and the record that is then created within the law that remains to be reactivated.

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