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Working Papers

The ISCI Working Paper Series seeks to publish new research from leading scholars working on state crime today. It aims to allow for research conclusion to be disseminated and discussed prior to their publication in peer reviewed journals. The Series is edited by the Initiative Board and we welcome suitable submissions for consideration.

19 May 2010

2/2010: Comment on a paper by Joseph Raz, ‘Human Rights in the New World Order’

I am delighted to have the opportunity to discuss this rich paper with Joseph and others. I will begin by making some comments about the premises from which Joseph proceeds, and will then say something about his argument. Read the Full Paper: 2/2010: Comment on a paper by Joseph Raz, Human Rights in the New... Read more »
18 Apr 2010

1/2010: The Great Escape: Refugees, Detention and Resistance

Abstract: In my book, Border Crimes: Australia’s war on illicit migrants, I develop Green and Wards (2004) focus on institutional deviance to argue that the Australian states alienation, criminalisation and abuse of unauthorised migrants constitute state crime. In this context, state crime is defined by the forceful denial of the legitimate expectations of unauthorised migrants,... Read more »
10 Apr 2012

1/2012: A Chair of Criminology at the French National Council of Universities: State driven criminology, threat centred approaches, and the lack of academic credibility

Author: Knut Fournier Abstract: The recent elevation of criminology’s status to an independent discipline in France is politically motivated and state-driven.  It follows the principles dictated by Alain Bauer, former security advisor of President Nicolas Sarkozy, and indeed shared by the President himself, both of whom favour research on criminality only to arrest criminals.  Their vision of... Read more »