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Egypt: 25th January 2011 commemoration video

Statement by the creators, the Mosireen collective:

“These are images you have never seen before, or maybe you have but you did not pay attention to them. Though these are images of everyday life, they hide sites of pain, corners of terror, the places left behind by martyrs.

Most of these images were taken in spaces where the state’s security forces kidnapped, tortured or murdered one of us. The very fact that these images were taken is due to the courage by those left behind, to give witness. We carry a heavy burden, to carry this revolution forward.

The speaker in this video is one of those who will not give up the fight, no matter the complexity, no matter the success of their propaganda, he will speak out and stand in their path and this is why they hunt him.

Whether on our streets in broad daylight or in the dark corners of their citadels, these security men practice their violence on us with all the legitimacy the state can offer.

This is why we went to the street January 25 2011. This is why we continue to fight them today.”