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24 Mar 2014

Death at Europe’s frontiers: Foreseeable result of state policy?**

European states are morally responsible for deaths at the EU’s borders, argues ISCI’s Alicia de la Cour Venning* ‘This is the main feature of contemporary border politics. It exposes the border transgressors to death rather than directly using its power to kill.’  Khosravi (2010), ‘Illegal’ Traveller: an auto-ethnography of borders (p. 27) On 6 February, fifteen sub-Saharan Africans... Read more »
13 Mar 2014

Extradited to a Future of Torture: The Reality of Solitary Confinement in America

  This event was hosted by the International State Crime Initiative and featured the UK premiere of the new documentary by Valerie Kaur of Yale Visual Law entitied ‘The Worst of the Worst’. The documentary is a portrait of Northern Correctional Institution, a US supermax prison in Connecticut to which British citizens Babar Ahmed and... Read more »
28 Feb 2014

Never Afraid of Living: William Chambliss, 1933-2014*

By Richard P. Apllebaum Bill Chambliss, a transformative force in conflict theory, the sociology of law, and criminology, died on February 22.  Told he had little time to live when first diagnosed with cancer seven years ago, Bill characteristically broke all the rules. He lived with cancer as he had lived his life: on his... Read more »
24 Feb 2014

ISCI’s 2013 Annual lecture with Ahdaf Soueif

  The International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) and The Dickson Poon School of Law proudly host the ISCI’s 2013 Annual Lecture delivered by Egyptian novelist and political and cultural commentator, Ahdaf Soueif titled “The Ongoing Revolution” in Egypt. The talk will specifically discussed criminality and law-abidingness in the context of the Egyptian revolution, along with a... Read more »
11 Feb 2014

Belgian Court victory for Ali Aarrass

Excellent news for all the Friends of Ali Aarrass: a Brussels court has ordered the Belgian Foreign Affairs Ministry to provide Ali with the consular assistance he is entitled to expect as a Belgian citizen, which has been denied him throughout his ordeal. The torture he suffered following his illegal extradition from Spain to Morocco... Read more »
07 Feb 2014

Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (COPS)

The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers have for a number of months co-ordinated a series of meetings involving anti-racist campaigners; environmental activists; blacklisted builders; trade unionists and socialists who have been subject to undercover police operations. A lot of the information came to light following the publication of  the book ‘Undercover‘ by ‘Guardian’ journalist Rob... Read more »
29 Jan 2014

We Can Win

By Amy Corcoran We Can Win Earlier this Month, Rich Mix, London, hosted the launch of ‘We Can Win: Stories from 50 years of struggle’ – ten short film interviews documenting fifty years of struggle in the UK.  Shown chronologically in three sets the interviewers, all key organisers in their particular fights, describe campaigns for... Read more »
27 Jan 2014

Liberating Media: the story of Jason McPherson’s death in police custody

By Ken Fero ‘Po Po’ a new film from Migrant Media about the death of Jason McPherson and can be viewed here  “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” Malcom X The power of film to document stories, inspire action and agitate for change has run hand in hand with revolutionary cells,... Read more »
27 Jan 2014

Egypt: 25th January 2011 commemoration video

Statement by the creators, the Mosireen collective: “These are images you have never seen before, or maybe you have but you did not pay attention to them. Though these are images of everyday life, they hide sites of pain, corners of terror, the places left behind by martyrs. Most of these images were taken in... Read more »
22 Jan 2014

Documenting Youth Detention in the USA

By Amy Corcoran  Young People, Detained A staggering 2.2 million people are behind bars in America, over 60,000 of these juveniles, making the USA the world leader of youth detention: over half a million young people go through detention centres in the USA annually.   The USA falls far short of international recommendations of 12 years... Read more »
16 Dec 2013

Art of the Holocaust: Creativity in Extremis

Public lecture review by Amy Corcoran Even through the most appalling situations the creative spirit finds a place, and those who engage in the creative process find a voice.  There are around 30,000 surviving works of art created by victims of the Holocaust, at the time they were victims.  An extraordinary feat indeed, but only a... Read more »
10 Dec 2013

ISCI’s Director Professor Penny Green discusses popular protests, civil society and crushing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Middle East Monitor (MEMO), ISCI’s Director Professor Penny Green discusses popular protests, civil society and crushing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. “Once security officers, police officers and military know that they are fully protected then levels of cruelty, violence, and torture can know no bounds.” Last month, protestors in Egypt took... Read more »
10 Dec 2013

Mosireen collective accuses military backed puppet government of attempting to outlaw January 25 revolution

–Please note this video is in Arabic with English subtitles–      
09 Dec 2013

ISCI Event Video: ‘Severe State Crime and Double Standards’ by Professor Richard Falk

ISCI and The Dickson Poon School of Law proudly hosted a lecture by Professor Richard Falk on 11th November 2013, King’s College London. The lecture was titled ‘Severe State Crime and Double Standards’. Professor Falk argued that the development of international criminal law in relation to severe state crime has been flawed since the Nuremberg/Tokyo... Read more »
03 Dec 2013

State repression on the streets of Kyiv

by Anna McKeever December 1st was the day Ukrainians finally stood up. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people took to the streets, leaving their comfy sofas and warm houses.  This was a response to the brutal attack against a small group of peaceful protestors that took place took place at 4:10 a.m on 30 November... Read more »
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