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22 Oct 2014

We are currently recruiting a legal intern

The International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) is looking for an intern to lead a project on informal settlement rights in Papua New Guinea. In particular, the position will require a review of existing legislation and case law relating to informal settler rights on state land in Papua New Guinea; this work is set in a... Read more »
10 Oct 2014

#2 Live Blog by Mehmet Kurt on Demonstrations in Mardin, Turkey

Siirt – Kurtalan The small town of Siirt, Kurtalan, has been the scene of intense protests in the last few days. Demonstrators set the municipality building on fire and a small number of casualties were reported. The mayor, Nevzat Karatay, won the local election last March as a candidate of the ruling party, AKP. Although... Read more »
08 Oct 2014

Live Blog by Mehmet Kurt on Demonstrations in Mardin, Turkey

photo 3
Last night was a long one. The demonstrations continued almost all night long and in the morning the remnants of the protest littered the Kurdish neighbourhood of downtown Mardin. A surveillance camera, called MOBESE in Turkish, was lying on the main square of the neighbourhood attached a very heavy pole. I have learned that it took... Read more »
07 Oct 2014

The Weapon of Forced Displacement Against the Indigenous Ahwazi Arabs

Since the Islamic Republic Regime’s rise to power, the mullahs’ regime has enforced ethnocide policies against Ahwazi Arab and other non-Persian minorities. In fact, the threat of forced displacement, deportation or execution of the Ahwazis, Kurds, Turks, Baluchs and Turkmens has been a persistent threat inside Iran. The lack of reaction by the international community... Read more »
07 Oct 2014

Academicians’ Statement of Solidarity and Call for Action to Support Kobani

The following is an urgent call from the Kurdish Studies Network of academics: “The humanitarian crisis caused by the Islamic State (IS) continues to terrorize and displace hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East. The autonomous canton of Kobani is now bearing the brunt of the IS’s attacks as the international community has mostly... Read more »
29 Sep 2014

Waiting in Line Against the State: The Orange Alternative

One secret policeman asks another: ‘So, what do you think of the government’? His colleague looks around before replying, ‘The same as you, Comrade’. Whereupon Policeman No.1 declares, ‘In that case, it is my duty to arrest you’.[1]  - Old Soviet joke On 7 October 1987, in Warsaw, Poland, on the day traditionally used to... Read more »
26 Sep 2014

The ‘Cop in your Head’ or the Clown in the Street: Antanas Mockus and the Theatre of Civic Culture

 ‘When there is nothing to be done… it’s time to bring out the clowns.’[1] Paul Bromberg, Director Institute of Culture, Bogota, in conversation with Antanas Mockus   When Antanas Mockus was elected Mayor of Bogotá in 1995, he inherited a city which was statistically the most dangerous in Latin America.[2] The UN Office of Drugs... Read more »
15 Sep 2014

ISCI Co-Authors Report on State-Corporate Crime in Papua New Guinea

Jubilee Australia Research Centre, in collaboration with partners at the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) and the Bismarck Ramu Group, have published a report titled ‘Voice of Bougainville: Nikana Kangsi, Nikana Dong Damana (Our Land, Our Future). The report explores the ways in which complex legacies related to the Bougainville conflict in Papua New Guinea;... Read more »
08 Sep 2014

Interrogating the Corporate Machine

‘I won’t believe it until I see it on TV.’[1] On 4 December 2004, to mark the 20 year anniversary of the Union Carbide chemical disaster in Bhopal, India, a man posing as a public spokesman for Dow Chemical appeared on BBC World and announced that Dow would accept complete financial (and ethical) responsibility for... Read more »
04 Sep 2014

PRESS RELEASE: ISCI shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Award 2014

The International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) is delighted to announce that the State Crime e-Testimony Project has been short-listed for the finals of the Times Higher Education Awards 2014 in the Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year category. Dr Kristian Lasslett, creator of the State Crime e-Testimony Project, said ‘this is a wonderful example of how the digital... Read more »
29 Aug 2014

The dark politics of Turkish criminal justice: the case of Gulsum Koc*

In the mountain town of Bingöl in eastern Turkey, the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of a young Kurdish woman is symbolic of all that is wrong with Turkish criminal justice and the corrosive politics that infuse it.  Gülsüm Koç, now just 21, is serving the fourth year of a 56-year sentence, handed down to her when... Read more »
11 Aug 2014

Why Bougainville landowners oppose Rio Tinto’s return

Dr Kristian Lasslett | International State Crime Initiative Once more Rio Tinto subsidiary Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) is in the headlines, after the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) passed transitional mining legislation that seemingly continues the momentum towards the re-opening of the Panguna mine. The legislation has provoked strong condemnation from the landowning communities that will... Read more »
30 Jul 2014

The Paga Hill demolition: Serious questions remain unanswered

Press Release – 30 July 2014 A British based human rights research centre, the International State Crime Initiative, has raised concerns over the contradictory state-corporate response to the recent demolition exercise at Paga Hill. The exercise left hundreds homeless, in addition to destroying WWII relics and a Seven-day Adventist Church. It took place amidst multiple... Read more »
24 Jul 2014

ISCI Condemns Demolition Exercise at Paga Hill

Press Release UK Human Rights Body Condemns Demolition Exercise at Paga Hill British human rights research centre, the International State Crime Initiative, has condemned the demolition exercise at Paga Hill on Tuesday. According to local residents over twenty homes were destroyed, leaving hundreds homeless, in a demolition exercise that was organised by the National Capital... Read more »
22 Jul 2014

MH17 is a crime, and so is the reckless bombardment of all civilian spaces

  The great critic of American foreign policy, Noam Chomsky, has a simple yet controversial technique for identifying contradiction in the international stance of western governments; he judges them by the standards with which they condemn others. Last week, the tragic loss of MH17 elicited an international response that brought into sharp focus a particularly... Read more »
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