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Grietje Baars

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Grietje Baars is a Lecturer in the City Law School with experience as a corporate lawyer and a human rights/law of armed conflict advisor in the Middle East. She is interested in Marxist theory of law, notions of global class in global governance, and the deployment of law and in particular of the corporate legal form as a vehicle for such governance – for example through international commercial arbitration. Her PhD thesis (UCL) was entitled Law(yers) Congealing Capitalism: On the Impossibility of Restricting Business Involvement in Conflict through International Criminal Law. She has published on Marxist theory or international law and the global economy and the Nuremberg trials of the industrialists and has held visiting scholarships at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Tel Aviv University and Birzeit in the West Bank. In 2006 she co-founded the Al-Quds Human Rights and IHL Clinic at the Palestinian university of Jerusalem and she continues to work on pushing the boundaries of (legal) education inspired by critical pedagogical thought and the boundless energy of her students.