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Dario Melossi

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Dario Melossi is Full Professor of Criminology in the School of Law of the University of Bologna. After having being conferred a law degree at this University, he went on to do a Ph. D. in sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He was then Assistant and thereafter Associate Professor at the University of California, Davis, from 1986 to 1993. He has published  The Prison and the Factory (1977, together with Massimo Pavarini), The State of Social Control: A Sociological Study of Concepts of State and Social Control in the Making of Democracy (1990), and Controlling Crime, Controlling Society: Thinking About Crime in Europe and America (2008), plus about 200 other edited books, chapters, and articles. He is Editor of  Studi sulla questione criminale and Editor-in-Chief of Punishment and Society, and is member of the Board of many other professional journals. His current research concerns the process of construction of deviance and social control within the European Union, especially with regard to migration processes.