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Bankole Cole

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Bankole Cole is Reader in Criminology at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle. His areas of research interests include human rights violations and abuse of power by police officers acting as agents of governments in African countries; political corruption by unaccountable democratic governments in Africa; inter-ethnic/religious conflicts; democratic governance, security and criminal justice reform in developing countries, racism, childrens rights, penology and welfare provisions for young people. Publications include Police Powers and Accountability in the Nigerian Criminal Process (Keele University, 1988);Rough Justice: Criminal Proceedings in Nigerian Magistrates Courts International J. Of the Sociology of Law ( 1990); Post-Colonial systems in R.I. Mawby (ed) Policing Across the World (UCL Press, 1999) and Globalisation, Citizenship and the War on Terror (ed. With Maurice Mullard), Edward Elgar, 2007.